Bottle Clear Glass Flip Top Oil Vinegar Squash 125ml Bormioli Rocco Fido

Bottle Clear Glass Flip Top Oil Vinegar Squash 125ml Bormioli Rocco Fido

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The Bormioli Rocco Swing top bottle has a number of practical uses.  Store oils, vinegars, home made cordials and fruit liqueurs.
As infused vinegars and oils have become increasingly popular for use as dips, dressings, or as an alternative to cream based recipes,these bottles are perfect for the home gourmet.
With a modern, distinguished design, Swing bottles add a welcome addition to any countertop or dining area – and most importantly, allow home chefs to properly and safely prepare homemade oils and dressings.
When making homemade infused oils it’s important to take proper food safety precautions – storing without refrigeration is not recommended. Even so, infused oil blends make unique and thoughtful gifts for many occasions. Already popular in Italy, creative gifting can include a glass jar like Swing, a wonderful bottle of olive oil, vinegar, and a separate packet of dried herbs with instructions for proper mixing and storage.
The bottles feature a hermetic seal to help preserve the contents.
These are high quality jar made in Italy and with a sturdy wire bail, unlike some cheap imitations available in discount stores!



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This product has a minimum quantity of 20

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